Redirect Input Data Depending on User Authentication Through SAML

The title pretty well sums up my question. Building an application to check for scholarships that will be available to students and prospective students would qualify for. Right now I am thinking that we will just have two links to access the application; one for a current student to authenticate use the SAML module for SSO and then a second link that will allow prospective students to to see what they qualify for without authenticating. Depending on whether the user authenticated or not will determine where the responses to the application goes. Authenticated users will go to one database and unauthenticated will go somewhere else. We are using the SAML module to accomplish the authentication. Is it possible  to check some sort of SAML response token to see if a user is signed in and based on whether they are or not, determine where to route the data? I have included an image that explains what I am thinking. If there is a better way, what would that be/look like?
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Your way will not work because the anonymous users would end up on the login page of your IdP.

I would start thinking about what your home page should look like. I would create a home page that is also visible for anonymous users and have a login button that redirects your regular users to your SSO login page. This way you can split your regular users towards their own home page after login and your anonymous users can do their thing from the public open home page.