how can a user see other users names

i made a page where users can see other users, the problem is. the user can only see his own name and empty spots where normally the other users names are. however the administrator can see all the users. i want users to also see all the other users.
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With ‘name’, I assume you mean the attribute ‘name’ of entity System.User? Users can not see other user’s User/Name because that would be a security-violation since User/Name and User/Password are their credentials. You generally don’t want to share them with everybody, not even just User/Name.

You instead want to show the other user’s real name. To do that you would need to create another entity Person, having attribute Name and 1-1 association to System.User and show Person/Name.

Edited: System/User does not allow anybody to create a 1-1 association to another entity (Why? Beats me). That is why module ‘Administration’ created a specialization of System/User: entity ‘Account’ and they use that as if it is a Person. Both User and Account are a user-account.