Need to restrict the column in Dataview for a specific user group

Hello, We have a Contracts Overview Page  with the details (displayed using the data view widget) and have two user groups (appadmin and appuser) having access to this page. we want to hide an attribute on the Contracts Overview Page when logged in with the the appuser role but should be visible when logged in with the appadmin role. Is there any way that i can make it work with out creating an aditional page.
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It sounds like you have a datagrid and an associated dataview whose datasource is to listen to the datagrid.  If so, here’s how you can do show the attribute to some users:

  • if the attribute is a column in the datagrid, you’ll need to have 2 copies of the datagrid on the page.  One with and one without the attribute.  Then you can make each datagrid visible only for the user role desired.  If you have a listen to dataview, you’ll also need to duplicate those (since each one will have to listen to a different datagrid) and make those visible for the appropriate user role.
  • If the attribute is in a dataview, you can set permissions on that attribute in the entity, and any attribute that appuser doesn’t have rights to Read should not show up on the page, even if its in the dataview.  You can also use permissions in the dataview itself, on the widget for that attribute to make this widget visible or not based on a user role.

Hope that helps.


Hi Venkat,

You can use the security settings to set no read access for the appuser role for that attribute. Additionally you can set visibility conditions on the attribute in the data view by role ( I wouldn’t recommend this b/c it is not a security best practice)

Hope that helps!