Getting Error - Object hash is invalid!

Hi Folks, I am using a mutiselect dropdown for filtering data from my listview based on selectable values.  I have many such dropdowns with string type, some have integer value like ‘Total Weight’ which is returned as Integer from API but I am storing it as String because I need that in multiselect dropdown. Problem – I am getting error whenever I am selecting any of the dropdown values, it is not calling my onchange microflow instead I only see this error in the console – com.mendix.webui.WebUIException: Attempt to illegally change a value for object with id '4785074604085753' (VisualPlanner.SearchContainer).  Object hash is invalid!     at com.mendix.webui.requesthandling.HashUtil$.verifyHash(HashUtil.scala:53)   I checked all the security right and everything have read & write access. I did R&D but did not find much help anywhere. Please help! Thanks in advance  
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you can try 

Bootstrap Multi Select widget

i hope you will find somthing from here 

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