Scanning for viruses in documents within the Mendix platform?

Hi community,   We’re building a new portal for a government-related customer. Our customer wants the guarantee that they can be sure that a file is virus-free when it is delivered through this newly created portal.  Uploads via their old application are scanned for viruses and the like by a McAfee Endpoint Protection, which is present on their servers. If a file turns out to be infected, it will be put in quarantine. After some time, these will be automatically deleted. A meeting with architects, however, concluded that they don’t prefer a web service to a third party in this new portal. This is due to the sensitivity of the data. Hence, their question is whether it can be solved within the existing infrastructure of Mendix.   Thus my question is: how can we scan uploads for viruses within Mendix itself?
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Check the documentation for this here

It's not supported out-of-the-box, meaning you will have to find the best solution for your use-case by yourself.



Hi Douwe,

We could help there with our module Virus Scan for Mendix . As the documentation states we're fully aware of compliancy and privacy measures applicable with clients. If it helps we could possibly assist in a meeting with the architects to clear any doubts they might have and explore the possibillities. 

Reach out if we can do anything for you!