Using SAML SSO Module on a Mobile device

Hi everyone, I have configured SSO with the SAML module and have it working fine when accessing the Mendix application from a domain laptop, however, I need the app to be accessible from a mobile device (responsive page, not native app) and want to be able to present the user with a logon page which will allow them to enter their normal userid and password.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  I can’t figure out how I can pass the details to our Idp (ADFS).  I’m assuming that maybe I can use one of the Java packages but have no idea what I can use. Thanks  
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I must be missing something here. Accessing the page on a mobile device (through the mobile device browser) should be no different then using a desktop browser on the domain or from home and not being in the domain. It should always redirect you to your IdP login page and after that log you in to the application. How are you redirecting your users now?