Can we change Security Settings for User Roles from UI ?

Hi Guys,   Is there a way to change Security settings for the User roles from UI by using any JAVA action/Javascript action ? If so please let me know. The aim is to change the security settings without going for App rebuild. I have read about Permission API, which does similar function but however the documentation says that it is depricated and there is no clear procedure about it. (Permission Api Link: )   Can anyone please answer me If you any idea on this.    regards, Suresh K  
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Permission API is only suitable when using MxId as account provider. Which I doubt you have implemented.

What do you want to achieve with “change Security settings for the User roles” ?

If you want to change the permissions/access rights you have modeled in studio Pro, then the short answer is No you can’t




What is the usecase for  changing the Security settings for the User roles from UI ?

Which security settings you want to change.

The PermissionAPI is about to change Mendix Developer Platform APP Users setting.  (Scrum Master,Busseines Engineer etc )