I’ve setup a SAML configuration with multiple IdP-configurations (all IdP-configs are active). I’ve created a loginpage with multiple loginmethods. Each method redirects to the corresponding IdP-configuration /SSO/login?_idp_id=[IdP_Alias]. In my IdP-configuration i’ve created multiple IdP’s, all with different aliases. E.g. - 111-Alias1 - 222-Alias2 - 333-Alias3 So on the loginpage when I click: - The first link I should get redirected to /SSO/login?_idp_id=111-Alias1. - The second link I should get redirected to /SSO/login?_idp_id=222-Alias2. - The third link I should get redirected to /SSO/login?_idp_id=333-Alias3. However when I click on any  of the 3 links, they all redirect to the same IdP-Configuration… (All links redirect to the last added active IdP-configuration)  
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Since you used the same IdP_metadata file (.xml) for all IdP configurations, the SAML Module didn’t know which one to pick. So it only shows the last added IdP configuration.

What you have to do is adjust the EntityDescriptor in the XML file so that it is unique for each IdP-configuration. 


Just to be clear: you have three different IdP's each with their own login pages. But when you use the link of the second alias you end up in the login page of the IdP with the first alias? Double check the three metadata's. Because Mendix just redirect to the login page that is supplied by the metadata. And double check that the redirect on the page you created indeed points to three different URL's.