Same User With Multipile Userroles issue

Dears,  I have below issue:   I have a user that must have 2 userroles, first role must see applications only with  (X) status, it’s like an inbox screen. 2nd role must see all applications despite what the status is, it’s like a query screen. since the access rules for both rules is on the same entity, i have all applications despite there status visible in screen number 1 (the inbox screen)    Any idea how to solve this?!
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Use data source database, xpath or microflow and constrain the records by status in the grid properties. If you’re retrieving by association now, you can add that to the xpath constraint, something like “[Module.Application_OtherObject = $currentObject]” or “[Module.Application_User = $currentUser]”.

Access rules are meant to configure security, system wide. What you’re doing now is constrain data for usability in particular screens / grids. Use the grid properties for that.