How to show ChangedBy and Owner information to all other user role apart form Administrator ?

Hi Team, We are working on a application where we need to show “Owner” and “ChangedBy” information of an entity to all user roles. But It seems, this two above attribute cannot be read by any other user roles apart from Administrator in a page. I would like to know what would be the necessary changes in security or any other place to make this possible.   Thanks
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Owner and changedBy are system values which are suitable for security and functional constraints for the affected user.

But these are not suitable for process information to other users. In all cases the account/User data should be separated from the person data used in the process.

See this learning path:

Answering your question; If you want to keep track of the owner and changed by and display that information to all/other users, capture that in a Before commit event of the related entity and store the details in a extra attribute or association


Hi Suman,

This is possible.

You need to make changes in your Project Security.

Select the userrole which wants to read Owner and ChangedBy attributes, Then map the Administrator role of System Module to that userole as shown below

Then do the same for all userroles based on your requirement. 

Then login as a user of specific userrole, you will be able to read (see) those attributes in UI

I hope this helps you