Setting or changing the default login page

Does anyone know where the default login page is set or how to change what URL is used?  I’d like to make the default login be a page other than login.html and I can’t find where to modify this redirect.
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There are two ways to do this.

The first way I’ll mention is probably what you are looking for which is to change your project security settings to Prototype/ demo or Production as seen below


This will allow you to use user roles. What you will want to do is to create a user role called Anonymous in the same window as shown below:


On the Anonymous users tab, you can click on Yes for Allow anonymous users.

From here, you can use out of the box mendix page to create a login page using Mendix Authentication widgets which you can easily get when editing a page as seen below:


I hope this help,


Kofi Ghartey-Tagoe



Hi Jerermy,

I believe you’re talking about changing the way the login page look like.

Go to:

Documents > Mendix > [Your Project] > theme>

You can make any changes you want to “login.html” page or replace it completely with your own styled html page. If you have any css or java scripts you want to include, just create folders for them named “css” & “js” inside theme folder and include them in the header(css) and at the end (js) of your new html page .

Note: make sure to keep the form parts that has the user & password input & login button intact and to keep these two:

        <script src="js/login_i18n.js?{{cachebust}}"></script>
        <script src="js/login.js?{{cachebust}}"></script>