Deeplink lost after redirect

Hello everyone, Case There are 2 application. - The first application contains logic and the deeplink configuration. - The second application is where users need to login.  When a user creates an object, a deeplink is generated and sent to the user (via e-mail). When the user clicks on the deeplink he is redirected to the second application where he can login (in case the user is logged out). After he/she is logged in he/she is redirected back to the first application where a specific page needs to be opened. OpenID is used for SSO between application 1 and application 2. The problem: After logging in in the second application, the deeplink gets lost and the homepage is shown.  My question: - What should the LoginLocation of the DeeplinkModule be?  - What are these parameters: ?a=MyApp&f=true&cont=       → MyApp is vague...(should this be the Mx App ID? Should this be an url?)
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Hey Jannes,

We are currently using the following in our Deeplink.LoginLocation in combination with the SAML module to have the deeplink trigger after the SSO has authenticated the user:


Where /SSO/ is our single signon request handler which handles the authentication of the user.

In the documentation on Mendix SSO with OpenID I read that the request handler is /openid/login/

so try replacing the SSO part with that