LDAP Authentication

Hi, We have a AD authentication via LDAP in our application for verifying sign-in process, but for sign-in the mendix should verify only the sAMAccountName, but its verifying both the display name and the sAMAccountName for sign-in process. for eg: sAMAccountName : test and display name : test --> then the login is successful if sAMAccountName : test and display name : dummy --> then the login fails. Help us out in making change so the mendix only verifies sAMAccountName
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Did you setup the search filter as described in the dcumentation:

 Credentials search filter – This the filter that will be used to search for an entered username in the LDAP server. You must always include the `[%Username%]` token in this string, which will be replaced with the user name that was used for the login attempt. For an AD environment, this will usually be `(&(objectclass=user)(sAMAccountName="[%Username%]"))`.