Why is Mendix SSO not showing up a login page?

I am using Mendix Studio Pro version9.0.5 I followed the instruction mentioned on https://docs.mendix.com/developerportal/deploy/mendix-sso#setting-up I deployed the code to  MX cloud. I dont see the login challenge. I am taken to the application home page without any login even on incognito browser. Added the after startup microflow MendixSSO_AfterStartup after importing the Mendix SSO from marketplace Added the UserOverview and the MyAccountViewEdit pages on the Navigation. Turned on Production security level and ensured that the Administrator and User roles have Mendix SSO Administrator and Mendix SSO User mapping. Renamed the login-with-sso.html as login.html I had 170 errors due to the layout. But I selected Modal Popup and Atlas with Top bar layout whereever applicable. This was because of MX studio pro 9.0.5 Deployed to the cloud. Any ideas why I dont see the login page?  
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Try to “Synchronize your Project Directory”.  I had a very similiar case and it worked fine for me.

You find this option under “Project” → “Synchronize your Project Directory”


“App” → “Synchronize your Project Directory”


Press F4