Homepage Errors For User Role With No Access To Said Page

Hi all, I've got a few errors relating to a user role that shouldn't be able to read or write certain data that shows up on a home page. The user role doesn't have access to the page that I'm aware of (it enters on a different page), but I've got a list of errors I can't resolve because I don't know how the heck the user can even access the fields it "should” be able to see, were it to access that page. The errors all say something along the lines of "no read access for [attribute] for user role [administrator with limited access to data] (with no roles defined in [Module of interest]”.
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Two things;

The default homepage is the homepage for all roles, even if the don't have granted direct access to the page. You can define a roles pecific home page, so that the default home page isn't applicable anymore for that role.


It seems like that the administrator role doesn't have a related role in the module. Having a user role and module role with an equal name, doesn't  automatically connect them. This must be configured in the project security > userrole settings


Hiii Belle, this error occurs because you have not given access to these pages.

No read access error occurs  when you have not given access to those attributes (whatever like read or read, write) in entity access tab.