How to restrict data access from a table based on user type using xpath constraint in access rule of an Entity

in my project, we have to restrict the the access to the data of a table based on the user type. Below is the steps how it works. On login page user enters its credentials and logs in. As part of login process some background process identifies weather the current user is Internal or External and what Client data is should be displayed to the user. This information is updated in Table A and Client Data already exists in the Table B as shown below. Also the we have added below sample XPath condition in the access rule of TableB Now we are trying to retrieve Client data from Table B, it is not showing any data weather the user is External or Internal.    Any suggestion how to achieve this ?
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As the data is not committed to the database the resulting SQL query that appends the xpath when accessing the data will not be aware of the associations and therefore will not show the data.

Be sure to commit the data to use the xpath access restriction as you need it.