Password Constraint for Role

My security implementation has roles such as ‘Patient’ , ‘Coordinator’ , ‘Doctor’ , etc. But ‘’Patient’’  is also one of the entities of my diagram. Therefore, when I create a patient within the system, I would like this patient to be store as the Patient role. The form on the microflow displays the possibility of adding the values from the Patient entity of the module into the Patient role, such as Name, and Email. But the Patient role requires a password.  In the system, I don’t want for the person who is creating the patient to create the password as well. The system gives the option to use one of the patient-entity attributes as a value for the password attribute in the role, as seen on the image. But since the requirement of the password is a hashed string, I would like to add two attributes if possible. In the image you can see that it is using the Patient’s full name attribute, but I would like for the password to be the full name+BSN. Such that if someone is named Walter, and their BSN is 12345, their password would be Walter12345. What is the xpath to make that possible?
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I would say:

trim($Patient/Full_Name + $Patient/BSN) in that case it would also remove the spaces in the Full_Name. Teun van Vliet with BSN 12345 Would become TeunvanVliet12345.