Entity Access Rules Appear to be applied despite having it checked to No

I’m working on an application where we have a microflow that is ran on entry in order to initialize the app. We have logic prior to this microflow running where read only access rights are applied programmatically depending on some conditions. That process appears to be working fine, however when ran in our QA environment we are experiencing quite a few access rights errors. It’s almost as if ‘Apply entity access’ has been checked on the microflow in question, but that isn’t the case.  If I understand correctly, when a microflow is ran by the system, and not necessarily triggered by a user, it should not take into account access rights unless specifically told to do so by switching ‘Apply entity access’ to true. For example, we have our main entity, WorkOrder, that is filled out based on information returned from APIs. In the microflow in question we keep getting read/write errors for that object’s fields when a user’s user role is reset to this read only access role. But it shouldn’t be applying those access rights to the actions happening within this microflow, correct? I’m wondering if any of you have experienced behavior similar to this in your applications and if so, how were you able to fix it? This is an example of the type of errors I am receiving during this process.
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Hi Austin,

I’ve noticed that access rules are applied when you change an object or call a microflow from Java code. Can that be the case in your situation?


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