How to check the project security level at run time i.e. whether it is set to Production or Off

I have a requirement where I need to display different set of data when the project run in security Level Production and another set of data when security level is off. I trying to handle it in a microflow but for that I need to identify what is the security level of current running instance  of the project. Not sure how to check that?   Any suggestions?
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I don't think there's currently any “official” way to do this, but perhaps you could come up with something creative. For instance, use an “execute microflow as user” action to retrieve something that the user does not have access to when production security is turned on, and then check whether the list is empty or not to determine whether or not security is turned on. It's not foolproof and it's not elegant, but it might be a workaround until you find something better.