Page URL after custom login page/SAML module redirect

Hi all,   We are trying to redirect a user to a specific page using the standard page URL in the property tab. For authentication we are using a custom login page (for the moment using local users but after this we will be implementing the SAML module to login via O365 as SSO).   How it now stands is that we are able to redirect the user to the cutsom login page over the specific page url filling it into the authentication page parameters from the project navigation page but once authenticated we are just redirected to the role-based-home page and not to the specific page…   Any idea why and how we can fix this? Without using the deeplink module as we don’t want to trigger any microflows ;)  (btw the user has acces to the specific page & data on it and there are no page parameter to be taken into account so the url looks like this: http://localhost:8080/p/cu )   Thanks!
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You could still use the same principal as the deeplink module. Create an entity with a username attribute, a timestamp and the url. Going to home needs to be a microflow that checks first if there is an object for this user. If so retrieve the URL and redirect if not open the regular home page for that role. And do not forget to delete the object after the redirect.





Hi Ronald, thank you! So if I understand what you are saying:

- when the user is attributed a "link" to the page I create the mail with the link and at the same time (or before of after) this object from the entity you speak of with attributes: username/uuid, the pages url and a time stamp.

- in the role-based microflow for each role I add a retrieve activity where it searches for an object in said entity linked to the current user and if found redirect it to the url. (and delete the object used) if not found use show the standard role-based homepage.

I'm sure it would work but would this not also mean that:

- for every login this retrieve and check would be executed

- if the user logs in without using the mail/link he would also be redirected somewhere without he's knowing or blessing


I do love the smart workaround but is there really no other way?


So implementing your solution (to try it out ;)  ) and I’m using the url redirector widget but it just gives me a blank window….

The doc mentions it as deprecated…


Any other method on redirecting to a URL from a microflow or a page like the URL Redirector did?

Nanoflow is not usable as I can’t retrieve the user to use it to retrieve the object :) 


Bumping it up in the hope someone has an answer ;)