Editing users created with SAML 2.0 module

Hi everyone, I’ve set up the SAML 2.0 module for SSO and it is working fine.  I have it set up to automatically create users with the User role when they access the page which is also working.  However, I want to be able to manage those users, add/remove other roles, change details, and maybe have added details. I know that Administration.Account is a gneerlisation of System.User which I can use to add custom attributes, but the SAML module directly creates System.User objects, so I can’t see them in the Adminstration Overview page, and I can’t edit them if I display all System.User objects in a datagrid.  I can’t even delete them which I also need to do. Is there anyway of forcing the SAML module to create Administration.Account objects instead of System.User.  Or can I associate or create an Administation.Account object linked to the System.User object in the CustomProvisioning Microflow (which I haven’t managed to do) Hope that makes sense! Thanks  
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See the documentation here: https://docs.mendix.com/appstore/modules/saml#customuserprovisioning

See the 7.2 CustomUserProvisioning part. Here it will trigger your microflow where you can do all the stuff you want.




It seems you already tried this. You might need to retrieve the just created user and use that to create an new Account (and user) object and copy everything over and then delete the old user.

And what did you set this part to in your setup? User Entity – The Mendix entity in which you will store and look up the user account. Most often something like Administration.Account.