How to get a list of entity access rights per project user role

Using a list view/ data grid, i want to get the  list of entity access rights per project user role
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Check out this marketplace app:

Though attempting to use it gives me this error:

which can be solved somewhere here:

Hopefully someone can solve this for you.

Pitty that I am not able to provide you with a ready made answer, but I think this will get you along.


Seems really complicated, maybe there is a easier way to do it, but if it was a requirement I will do as follow : 

using microflow that will have the option “apply entity access” to true. 

you then need to run the microflow with the desired user role(executeMicroflowAsUser inside the community commons module may help). Then inside your microflow create a non persistant entity, you will then try to create / delete, modify / read all the entities of your project, and at every error occuring, you modify the non persistant entity to represent the result.

(note that If some entity have xpath constrain, it may be more complicated to do it).