SSL/TLS certificate not visible Custom Domain

Hello everyone I would like to create a Custom Domain but when I want to add a new one in the Network tab, my certificate is not visible in the dropdown menu. The certificate is enabled. I've rebooted the environment but that doesn't help. The CNAME is active with the hosting provider and is included with alternative DNS names in the certificate. Below are some screenshots to clarify the problem.  
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Hi Lars,

You need to set the custom domain not in your network of the environment, but in the ‘overall environment’.

To do that click on:

  1. environments
  2. Custom domains (as shown above)
  3. New
  4. Upload your certificate
  5. Go to the environment (e.g. ‘Acceptance’)
  6. Get into networks of the environment
  7. Add new custom domain

Now it will show. 
See for more information.

The certificate you have added now is treated as a client certificate, instead of as a custom domain. 

Hope this helps,



Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for your quick response. I missed a bit in the documentation. It is also logical that it is structured in this way in terms of hierarchy. I modified it and it worked right away! Thanks again for your explanation, very happy with it and my project leader too 😁👍

Kind Regards