View Your Application would not accept my login

I am wondering why I am unable to log in to an application I just deployed, using the credentials I use to log in to Mendix studio and create the app/follow the “build an app” tutorial.   Details: I built an application following the “Build a Mendix application” academy tutorial.  At the end of the process, the tutorial talks about deploying the app and then logging in to view it.   I was able to deploy without error, but I was unable to log in.  To be certain , I logged out of the mendix developer environment and back in to be certain that I knew my correct username and password.    It doesn’t really matter that it didn’t work because I could test adequately in studio preview.  But my concern is that I didn’t understand something about security…. for example I am doing this tutorial from my home computer, not my work domain where the email address is registered.  I don’t think that should make a difference, but just wondering if I didn’t understand something.  Also I started with the original tutorial version, but then as I finished it said my version was not supported and forced me to update to 9.5.    
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You are now only using local users. Log in as administrator and create a local account.

When you want to be able to login with your Mendix account you need the Mendix SSO module. See documentation here:

You will then have a button to sign in with your Mendix account.





Ah.  Thank you for the feedback.  I can log in to app now to test and I understand better.

  I was attempting these things from Studio, your advice tells me that this needs to be done in Studio Pro, I could not see how to do this in Studio.  I was able to find the demo local user manager and member accounts and log in successfully, increasing my understanding.  I did not see where I needed mxadmin and I could not log in anywhere with that account, but I did see where it is configured.  Much appreciated!