User Session through SSO login is not getting forwarded to the configured deeplink.

Hi Team, I am facing issues to get the user session after login through SSO in MX cloud , so that it gets routed to configured deeplink. We upgraded from 8.18 to 9.4 and accordingly upgraded the deeplink and SAML modules from the marketplace.   Steps performed :  - StartDeeplink MF is called at start upgraded  - Default home page has MF which has DeepLinkHome MF configured   - Deeplink is configured through UI as link/sample  - LoginLocation is empty. So we have a deeplink login page with a ssoButton which will route to below script      <script>         let path = window.location.pathname.replace(/\/+$/, '');         path = path[0] == '/' ? path.substr(1) : path;         window.localStorage.setItem('deeplink', path);         document.getElementById('ssoButton').setAttribute('href', "/SSO/login?" + path);              </script>          It routes to Idp and the login is successful. But it again routes to the deeplink login.     Not sure what is the problem. If we hit the deeplink url again then it gets the deeplink and works.     The user session is not forwarded to the deeplink.          Also tried setting  LoginLocation = /SSO/login?      but in this case it goes into continuous loop between SSO login and deeplink url. When the loop is broken by closing the page and the deeplink is hit again then it      gets the session and deeplink works.          Things work fine with default Mx login but not through SSO          Please advise what is missing.   [EDIT] Can someone please confirm if its an issue in the upgrade scenario from Mx18.8 to 9.4 ? How can we report an issue to Mendix ?
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