Force Anonymous users to login.html page if not using deeplink

Hi everybody, we would like to have some information pages accessible to anonymous uses via deeplink (using deeplink module). However, if the app is directly reached through the URL; the user should reach the login.html page. In the previous setup, the anonymous users was routed to the default home page, which had a dataview with DS microflow (which is not accessible by the anonymous users). This was working as described above. However, after adding another field to the entity shown in this dataview, this no longer works – instead we get security errors, instead of getting routed to login.html Can someone explain that behaviour? Is this expected to work like that? regards, Fabian
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In my opinion this should work. You could try a workaround with a micrfoflow as homepage for the anonymous that first check if there is a pending link and otherwise show a page with a redirect to the login page.