One time access to a page

Hi All I have a requirement which i have described in a use case below: My Mendix application has a Non Conformance module subscribed by multiple tenants TenantA, TenantB , TenantC…. Tenant A has 50 suppliers(May or may not be subscribed to my application)  which are loaded in the system. However  the purpose of loading the 50 suppliers is just to log a Non-Conformance incident which may or may not be assigned to a Supplier. If Tenant A logs a NonConformance which is notified to Supplier A representative via email is it possible to give one time access to a form to a person who is not a System User? The sole purpose is to give a highly restricted access to a form which is only valid for one time.    
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You may work with a token. When you create your email, you can create an object in your database that has a unique token. This token can be part of a link you send out via mail (deeplink module).

The page itself is not directly opened with this link. The link triggers a microflow that retrieves the token object. Only if it is existing, the microflow opens the page. Once the page was visited, you can delete your token object to ensure that the user is not accessing the page a second time.