No read access to... for a role thats not supposed to have access to said element

Since adding a new “LoggedOut” role in the app, I’m getting a bunch of errors due to the fact that there are no entity access rules defined for this role. Business-wise, it is not an issue, since I actually don’t want the LoggedOut role to access those entities. And I could find no way of specifying an “empty” access rule for this role. On the other side, this role has access to none of the pages/workflows where these objects are defined. I therefore fail to understand what triggered those errors.  
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Have you checked all of the Navigation Profiles in your project Navigation?  Often when I get this issue, I will find a stray page on the one of the tabs besides Responsive.

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Usually these errors are easily solved via the Error-pane. Just right-click any error and 'Goto page’