what is the log4j version used in mendix 4.7.1

how to find the log4j version used in the mendix 4.7.1 and it is using the linux environment. could you please let us know how to find the log4j version
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Hi Aravind

If you want to know if your Mendix application is using log4j (in regards to the issue logged earlier): go into your resource folder and check it out for your Mendix projects.

In general: Mendix does not use the log4j-core, where the issue is situated. There might be however some marketplace modules that do make use of this library.

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  1. Check all your Marketplace content for the log4j-core library. 
  2. If the userlib folder of your project contains a log4j-core-<version number>.jar file, where the version number is below 2.15.0, remove this file from the userlib folder, and replace it with the library for version 2.15.0. You can download this version directly from the Apache website.
  3. Once you have removed the old version of the library, and placed version 2.15.0 in the userlib folder of your project, you should commit this change and re-publish your module to the Marketplace. Please don't forget to update the release notes and documentation for your Marketplace content, if needed.