Restrict access to nested data list view

I am trying to add a button next to the delete button, which would allow the admins to restrict and allow access to certain databases. Similair to a user management, but without the need to go to mendix all the time but to restrict and grant access as an Admin-enduser I have been looking through a lot of forum posts but no answers were helpful. 
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Am I correct that you want to restrict access to a specific Bid record for certain roles?

In that case

  1. add a boolean “Access” to the Bid entity.
  2. Put on the access rule of the targeted role the restriction [Access]
  3. Add microflow button next to delete button
  4. Create a microflow
  5. Add change object;
    1. Object: Bid
    2. Commit: yes
    3. Refresh: depends, but guess no
    4. Member: Access
    5. Value: false
  6. Then the user with the access rule containing the restriction [Access] will only have data access to records where access is true