the path mentioned is it related to Oracle or mendix

the mentioned path we found during the analysis of vulnerability of the log4j in the application. we need to find the path is related to oracle or mendix so that we can fix the vulnerability in the application. please respond to us. /opt/oracle.ahf/common/jlib/log4j-core-2.13.3.jar /opt/oracle.ahf/common/jlib/log4j-api-2.13.3.jar /orawork/oracle.ahf/common/jlib/log4j-api-2.13.3.jar /orawork/oracle.ahf/common/jlib/log4j-core-2.13.3.jar  
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This path doesnt look like the one present in a mendix project directory (or atleast I havent seen). This might be something related to oracle.

You can check the userlib folder in you mendix project directory and see if you have any log4j libraries present. Is so, you need to update them with the latest patch available.