currentUser value in a microflow when invoked from a native mobile app

Hi All, We are having a native mobile app and from the app, we are calling a microflow. If I use currentUser inside the microflow, will I be receiving the details of the user who invoked the microflow or something else? If there are multiple mobile app sessions is using it simultaneously and if the same is accessed by web part, Will Mendix create sessions for each of the activities so that each time invoked, it will have the currentUser value who actually invoked it? ====Updated============= While I debug the microflow once it is called from native mobile, I am getting currentUser and currentSession as empty. What could be the reason? PFB screenshot
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Microflows always will have a current user unless that microflow is triggered from a system session. Native does not matter here. So if that microflow is triggered from multiple sessions each of that microflow has it;s own current user.