How to create index3 mechanisme Mendix 9.9.1 after succesfull inlog through (custom) SSO

Hi, I'm trying to rebuild the mechanisme that we use for Mendix version 8: Open the app, you will be redirected to SSO (in my case an external SSO). The contstant SSOLandingPage gets me to index3.html when the user completes the inlog of the SSO (ADFS). Index3.html shows the app correct This works in Mendix version 8, but how can i get this working in Mendix v 9.9.x? I cant find Index.html in the project and if I kopie the old one from an other project, the index.html redirects me to the SSO and after succesfully login, index3.html opens. Index3.html shows a white screen and not the app. What do i wrong? Or does this not work at all?
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Hi Arjan, 

Have you checked that your SSO module has a Mx9 version, and updated to it?


We use SAML SSO in Mendix 9. In the project files we have a theme folder, this is where I find index.html

Out index.html redirects to /SSO/ with <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/SSO/" />

index3.html is a copy of index.html without <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;URL=/SSO/" />

And our SSOLandingPage set to index3.html