Access to system members for non admin users

Hi All I want to show the system member “owner” of a specific entity in a text field showed on a random page to all of the users of the application. However, right now, only the admin can see that field. I cannot understand why this is so, because I altered the entity “account” so that a user has 2 access rules in place. 1 with read write access for all attributes of the entity with xpath constraint currentuser and 1 access rule only with read rights to all attributes without xpath. This should allow the other users to see the “owner” of a specific object, no? I thought ownership leads to system/user and account is a specialisation so am I missing something?   King regards   Kevin 
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Hi Kevin,

Unfortunately not every user can see system.owner, due to security. See this question for your answer: Mendix Forum - Questions (

Hope this helps!