Having one access rule per attribute, will this kill performance?

Hi. We need to fine-tune the readonlyness of our attributes using a logical rules table having the properties such as “attribute name”, “role”, “object lifecycle state”, “writable”. The only thing that comes to my mind is to create as many access rules for our entities as the attributes those entities have. Also, We‘d have to connect each business object to the rules table using some singleton object in between. For instance, to control the writability of the attribute ‘Title’ we’d have to create the following rule:   My question is: are these XPath expressions used when fetching multiple objects? Do they become part of the main SQL SELECT query or are they executed one-by-one for each object? Are these calculations deferred until you actually try to change the object?   Actually, instead of XPaths I’d like to use some other mechanism, maybe hook the instantiation of an object at server side and change its members readonlyness before the object is sent to the client.
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