Find System.User by Name in Native mobile

Hi All, We are having a mobile app in that anyone with User role should be able to do a user search by Administration.Account/Name and select the user. We have all the Administration.Accounts synced to the device already but a user with the Role User have access to view only the user’s name. This user cannot see Name of any other user. If we are trying with a user who has Administrator role, can see Names of all the Accounts. Is there a way that a user with the User role can search any other user’s by Name from DB?
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This is because you are trying something which you should never do; allowing users to access the LOGIN USERNAME of a user.

Treat the Account data as sensitive as possible. Compare it with your passport with your social security number. You User/Name and User/Password are equally important and sensitive.

Always create a separated entity Person/Employee/Customer/…. with data which can be exchanged to other users. This entity should have a 1-1 association to account. when adding a person/Customer/…. the create also an account and associate.

This all has nothing to do with the Native part of your question. Its for both Native and Web app the same story