Modify documents security or access dynamically from application UI

I’m fairly new in Mendix. Current we are building a project with workflow. Every microflow, page, workflow has a visibility property associated to it. I wanted to know if the value of this property can be changed dynamically via another microflow or via application UI? Same for entity, can the entity access security be modified dynamically? If there’s a please guide us.
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  1. The page properties can not be changed, as these are part of your model
  2. The condition value itself can be changed, as it is part of your data object. 
  3. The entity access can not be changed, as it is part of you model.
  4. You could create entity access rules which are dynamic by putting an XPath constraint on them
    I.e. one access rule read only with XPath constraint x a second access rule with Xpath constraint y which is the opposite of x
    x could be [Active = true()] and y [Active = false()]


Hope this helps

Note: please be aware that workflows are still in beta