Custom Access Rules for users

Hi, I am new to Mendix help me to find the solution for the following.   I need to have a page in UI where I have to list all the users and pages in columns and rows of a table with checkbox in each cell. If I check the checkbox of first user and first page then first user will have the access for the first page. In simple, I need to have a page like page access(which we have in security of each module or app) in UI with its functionality which is accessible for admin.  For Example, Consider two users namely X and Y, and 3 pages namely A, B and C.  User X will have access for pages A and B. User Y will have access for page C and Admin will have the access page. Now, Admin have to give access to User Y for page A along with page C. How to achieve this?   Thanks in advance.
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In Mendix user roles en module roles are defnied at design time. At runtime you can’t change the role configuration anymore. In runtime you can only assign user roles to users. The roles define which pages and microflows you have access to.


At the entity level you can apply xpath constraints to limit the data a user is allowed to see based on data in your database.

In theory it is possible to add an extra layer by carefully placing decisions at the start of each microflow, but it is very hard to get this watertight. If you forget a check in one of the microflows, you immediately have a security breach. So in general this is only recommended in very specific cases,

I hope this helps.