Deeplink with SSO results in double slash in URL

We have a Mendix app which is being called from another application with a deeplink: The SAML 20 module triggers SSO authentication. This will redirect the request to the ADFS server, which does another redirect after authentication. Unfortunately the last URL has a double slasg after the hostname: I supsect the entire path of the original URL (/link/linkname?querystring) is used to create the new URL after authentication. So if the hostname also ends with a slash (https://our-app.mendixcloud/) this will result in a double slash. I checked the SAML20 module, environment constants and configuration of the app, but could not find a hostname configured (wrongly). Might also be the problem arrises in ADFS? Anybody anu ideas? Thanks in advances
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Found the answer: there is a constant called “DeepLink.EnableLeadingSlash” with which this behavior can be arranged. After changing it to False it all went fine.