Users Display Name is an ID instead of Name

Couple of questions regarding users. I am using the OOB Mendix user configuration. In the example below, when a user creates a record, I want it to show the users name.  Also, how do I give other users the ability to see the users name. It is blank for everyone except for admins unless they created the record themselves. 
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Hi tony, 

My educated guess is that you use MendixSSO for your account handling. When using Mendix SSO the User/Name is not the name of the user but the ID of the Mendix user. 

Instead of using the User/Name it would be better to use the Account/Fullname. 




Hi Tony, ah, another victim of the wrong name of System/User. It is not a user, it is a useraccount. And the attribute ‘name’ should better be ‘username’. See idea 1569 for some more potential improvements on this subject.

So if user/name does not contain your user’s name, where is it? Well, lots of apps have Administration incorporated, and it does the job but you or your company probably have a better module for user maintenance, so you can avoid all Administration’s techdebt issues.

If you have none laying around then have a look at marketplace modules Person and SystemManagement and pick and choose what you need from it. In that case you will end up with an more intuitive and correctly associated entity/attribute ‘Person/FullName’. Hope you like it and best of luck.