Admin cant see fields in Account_Overview and other _NewEdit pages

So I have working on an app for a bit using this Siemens template, and after working through my entities tried to access the Account_Overview page with admin access. When I ran it, the administrator was not able to edit usernames or other user settings like I expected. Other datasheets with Employees listed had the same issue, since the entities were generalized to Administration.Account. Through testing I made a new project using only the template, and added only a button to the page, and still couldn’t create or edit accounts correctly. When selecting the new/edit on Account_Overview, it gives this error in Studio Pro: And this was displayed in the browser, fields grayed out while signed in as admin: I’ve attempted to give the Administrator as much access as possible, but I can’t figure out exactly what I am missing here. I will give more information if I can, but if anyone who can try the template themselves can get the overview to work, I would be glad to hear about the solution. Thanks! Shaun EDIT: So this fixed this Account_Overview for admin. Awesome! Now I am trying to figure out the Employee NewEdit. It looks like this in browswer Password is greyed now. Name is showing fine, and has the same path. Thanks Stephen!
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Mendix uses an additional set of access rules for entities that inherit from System.User, if an UserRole is not allowed to manage another UserRole it will have very limited access to that user (account) entity.

Do the following:

  • Open Project Security (under App ‘AppName’)
  • Open UserRoles > Administrator role
  • You will see User management with either “All” or “Selected”
  • If you want the Administrator role to manage all user roles, select all, else select a specific set.

Note: if Role A can manage users with Role A and C, but an User has B and C he will not be able to manage that user, since role B is outside of his managable roles.