Mendix Developer Portal SSO - BYOIDP

We are aware that the BYOIDP SSO feature for the Mendix Developer Portal is in the ‘Public Beta’ Stage.  The authentication aspect is clear and we want to integrate with our identity management system. The question is concerning authorization. So for example,  users belonging to a specific group in our Identity Management system  should automatically receive the ‘Developer’ role for deploying an App into the Private Cloud. Do you know whether this is supported or in the Roadmap.
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Hi Sridhar,


I believe that currently the BYOIDP SSO is only supporting whether you are part of an organization or not, meaning you can login to that organization on the platform. To my knowledge it is not supporting any organization groups or project roles. I suggest if you need such a thing to add it as an idea on the idea forum.


Thank you Bob. you are right. In the mean time we received more information from Mendix. This is what is written in the document we received.

The current beta and the first generally available version are focused on delegating
the authentication. Authorization logic is targeted in a future update.

Future enhancements

- User and security group synchronisation from the customer’s IdP to Mendix.
- Rules to translate coarse grained authorization claims from the customer’s IdP
into mid-grained authorization decisions.