JWTDecodeException: The token was expected to have 3 parts, but got 1. - OAuth marketplace module

Hello,   I am trying to secure a REST API that I've been building via custom methods using the OAuth module from here → https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/120058.   I am very much confused about how to exactly use this module. I am a very begginer in this whole process. I tried to configure the module from the running app like this just for the sake of it. I don't really understand what these fields mean.     I also tried an example rest api, better said the one provided in the example of the module.     I tried making test request using postman and investingating how it works.     However, I tried to debug and reached out to an error.   This error I got at this point specifically.       Is there any sort of documentation or guideline about how to use this module specifically. Are there any more insightfull resources? It's very hard for me to understand how to tackle this issues that I have in using the module. I don't understand a lot of terms like scope or token introspection.  
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An OAuth token is a Base 64 encoded string containing a json object that has certificate signature, issuer and identification information about an application or user.

You will need an Identity Provider to use as an authentication end point to obtain a token.  Azure Active directory is a common identity provider that I use.  Many others exist, it will depend in your infrastructure as to which you have available.

An example authentication flow that I use commonly for REST and OData services I have built in Mendix: