OIDC module no longer exits

Hi Teams I have downloaded the oidc module and downloaded the dependency module It showing lots of error  then I resolved many error by removing the unwanted things  Now iam having 2 errors.  Downloaded the Native mobile resource module also . Ref:   Thanks in advance    
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Hi Andrew S


I think Unfortunately you have removed the java action which is present in the  Native mobile resources.


Better reinstall the native mobile resource again, then you will get a design properties error, for that you can resolve that one with right-click option. 


I hope its helps.


Hi Andrew,

I will suggest to avoid removing the things. After downloading you OIDC module you will get lots of error so these errors can be solved by downloading dependencies.  After downloading all the dependencies still you will have many errors and you can fix these errors by updating or reload design properties definitions  so for updating  right click on error and select update or reload design properties.

After this you will get one error in nanoflow ‘ACT_OpenLoginInWebView’  so in this nanoflow you will see the error is because you don’t have native mobile navigation profile in your app. So you can fix it by removing that activity (LoginView Web)  or you can add native mobile navigation profile in your app.


Hope this will resolve your issue.