How to show multiple user in the dropdown?

I have a scenario where one user is having multiple roles like “A” is the user having “Manager”, “Author” and “User” roles. when I am login through the credentials, I wanted to show all of these roles on the homepage in the dropdown.   can somebody tell me how to achieve this because when I am trying to get from the user_roles through reference set selector not able to get the value in the dropdown?   do I need to mimic the roles entity?   Please suggest me some best way to do this.
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Assuming you are using entity “System/User” for your user-objects, then logically you will be using the associaton “System/UserRoles” to associate to System/UserRole.

As goes for every *-* association: you can drag-and-drop an associated attribute (here: UserRole/Name) from the “Connector-view” onto a dataview of the other entity (here: System/User)


hii chandan sahni,

Make a association between your entity and system’s user role entity 

like that 



after it you will be able to see you can select user role name for your refrence selectore 


Make sure to security setup read write for roles so you can select from dropdown else it will be uneditable in dropdown.