Logs filled with 404 errors - Hack attempts?

Hey all,   We have some apps running in the Mendix cloud with logs that are crawling with 404 errors. Everything points to it being some hacking script trying out whatever possible vulnerability it can think off. The 404's obviously mean it's not succesfull (we think), but I was wondering if anyone has tips on what we can do. It's cluttering up the logs, it might use server resources we'd rather use for actual users, and is there a chance they succeed somewhere?   Any ideas?   Regards, Louis Maas
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If you want this solved, then you can upvote this idea: https://forum.mendix.com/link/ideas/2795.


“The 404's obviously mean it's not succesfull”. Well, actually let my quote Thomas Bell. After having failed hundreds of times to make the lightbulb emit light long enough, he got criticized and ridiculed. But his response was: ‘I have successfully proven that these materials and setups are not right ones.’  It is the same with the hackers. They have successfully proven that this is not the correct hack.