Custom Users VS MendixSSO Users?

Hi there,   I couldn’t really find much on Google about whether or not I should use custom users or Mendix SSO based users. My web app requires high scalability and will have many daily users, each from different companies. Each company will have access to products (modules) that they have subscribed to.   From what I’ve briefly read, MendixSSO requires every user to have a mendix accountand thats the main difference. Should I use my own user system or should I use Mendix SSO and why?   Thanks
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Hi Lee,


In practise, ive never had a need to use MendixSSO on a project, as like you said, each user will need a mendix account which is not practical. (As many users who will use the app wont even know what Mendix is! They just want to get onto the app).


So you really have two options:

  1. Manage the accounts in the Mendix app. So a Admin user can create other users with specific roles in the app, set their username and password then share that with the user. (Or commonly send the new user a ‘Welcome email’ which allows them to set their own password).
  2. Use an SSO with the SAML module to allow a user to login with their Active Directory login. If the users login in to the mendix app are also present in the clients AD, then this will work. As the users are already provisioned and wont need a new login or password to the mendix app. Heres some more information on how to configure this.

Hope this helps,