SSO with multiple custom domains

We have two domains access the same Mendix application using SAML/SSO, but not sure how to configure 2 different SP Metadata in Mendix Ex: I have APP 1 in domain, APP 2 in domain access to the Mendix application we added both xyz & abc as custom domains. Now we can request only on SP metadata file to create IDP either with xyz or abc. But our requirement needs this to be access from both.
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So, as I understand. You've got App A, which is available at and So 1 app and 2 custom domains.

The SSO module is able to provide 1 metadata file for a SP, but you need two, one for each domain.  


I don't think this is a common setup, at least I haven't seen it before. I don't think this can be done out of the box with the default SAML/SSO module.  So you might need to customize the module (change the java code perhaps), and the ability to add multiple SP's..