Calling a nanoflow right after successful login

Hi there,   I’m struggling on something supposedly super simple : I need to call a nanoflow right after (successful) user login. - I have a custom login page using “Sign-in button” ; how can I override the default “signin” code ? do I have to give up on using the Sign-in button (so the whole signin form) just for this ?? - I read the documentation on how to call a nanoflow here, but it doesn’t work : I don’t know how to fill “context” and “ form” fields Any idea ? thanks
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Hey Francois,

You could put a DataView with a Nanoflow datasource on the page( which shows after the SignIn button is clicked).

This will led the Nanoflow to be called, just before the page loads(Or you can say as soon as the SignIn button is clicked).

Hope it helps!