How to Handle Warnings properly without just Suppressing them

Dear Community,   I wonder how I can handle Warnings in Mendix properly.   If Ill try to resolve one of the first 6 Warnings seen in the Screenshot (by deleting the Roles or in any other form), ill get Errors instead of the Warnings.     What can I do here (instead of just suppressing them?)   Thanks for your help :)    
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Hey Maximilian,

If you’ll follow all the good practices of Mendix, then I guess no warnings will appear,

Just try to remove unnecessary actions and security rules.


Hope it helps!


Ah Yeah I See - It was the wrong choice to delete these module roles. All the warnings regard to Marketplace Modules which were not used in my project but were default if you start a new mendix project.

the solution was to hand over right in the project security to the specific module roles admin --> admin, user --> user 


for Example: the check User was missing in the MendixSSO Module